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    Rocks Off Remix 7 Speed Cock RingRocks Off Remix 7 Speed Cock Ring
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    Rocks Off Remix 7 Speed Cock Ring

    Rocks Off Remix 7 Speed Cock Ring Is Great For Couples

    Allow the Rocks Off Remix 7 Speed Cock Ring to be a part of your routine. Allow you and most loved squeeze to get alongside each other with a fusion of desire. This is an imaginative waterproof multi-way penis, ball, as well as clitoral stimulator that is made to achieve close contact entertainment for her or him in many different ways, therefore, you can browse, tease and appreciate one another irrespective of what one’s devotion is.

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    Precious Metals Smooth Gold Anal Plug MediumPrecious Metals Smooth Gold Anal Plug Medium
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    Precious Metals Smooth Gold Anal Plug Medium

    Put Some Bling In Your Thing!

    This amazing Precious Metals Smooth Gold Anal Plug Medium is easily obtainable in 3 various sizes, any of these glossy gold butt plugs are compatible with either amateur as well as expert anal adventurers together. I would say the stylishly eye-catching plugs possess an extremely smooth and glossy appearance and also fairly pointed head making insertion an absolutely sensuous and joyful encounter.


    • Pointed tip for simple insertion, broad base for the purpose of health and safety.
    • Jewelled bottom for additional appealing entertainment.
    • Effortless to cleanse and comes with a smooth surface.
    • Designed for temperature adventure.
    • For newbie as well as experienced players alike.
    • Works using water, silicone, or oil-based lubrication.
    • Includes drawstring sack for simple storage.

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    Her Kegel KitHer Kegel Kit
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    Her Kegel Kit

    Her Kegel Kit gives you:

    • An efficient multi-speed stimulator.
    • Extremely well-deliberated Silicone coated Kegel exerciser equipped with a fairly simple retrieval ring.
    • Ergonomically measured stainless steel balls so that you tighten and build Kegel muscle group.
    • Non-tarnishing, nickel-free.

    This product has to have A pair of AAA Electrical batteries. Please use sex toy cleaner & clean water to clense these toys.

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    Penetrating Mini Clitoral PumpPenetrating Mini Clitoral Pump
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    Penetrating Mini Clitoral Pump

    California Exotics did it yet again, due to this wonderfully created clitoral pump, thoroughly manufactured to aid you to get involved in your personal craziest desires!


    • Featuring a suction cup for the ultimate in clitoral sensation and stimulation, you’ll find gratifying pleasure with ease.
    • Use solo or with a partner: the stimulation is all yours
    • Designed for external massage and penetration
    • Soft vibrating stimulator head with nodules
    • Easy grip bulb for superior suction
    • Easy to use controls
    • Small and Lightweight
    • Vibrating pump measures 2.25 inches x 1.5 inches in size
    • Requires 2 AAA batteries to operate
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    Rocks Off Bullet Bunny 10 Speed

    The lovable Bullet Bunny by Rocks Off is essential when it comes to fanatics on-the-go and excellent for an inexperienced user. Powerful, unobtrusive, as well as run by the favoured RO-120mm bullet, you will find 10 sexual pleasure configuration settings which can be put into various positions down the sleeve to target your vibrations in the places you need it.

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  • Jelly Jammers Scented Butt PlugsJelly Jammers Scented Butt Plugs
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    Jelly Jammers Scented Butt Plugs

    These Jelly Jammers Scented Butt Plugs are the Butt plug collection which has diversity. These 3 snug, user-friendly jelly butt plugs each have a magnificent fragrance. Small (4 inches) in Grape Scent, Medium (5 inches) in Blueberry Scent, Large (6 inches) in Strawberry Scent. The Jelly Jammers Scented Butt Plugs are the only things you will require for the purpose of anus exercises, as well as pleasurable, fruity aromas in addition! Please use sex toy cleaner and warm soapy water to clean these tools.

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    Ovo T1 White and Pink Clitoral Stimulator
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    Ovo T1 White and Pink Clitoral Stimulator

    The Ovo T1 White and Pink Clitoral Stimulator is a totally incorporated 3.5-inch vibrator which has an effective and additionally an advanced contour that’s been curved for luxurious use just for women of all ages. The tougher top area moves the absolute maximum vibrations through it. The Five programs are actually managed by way of the built in controller and additionally are actually whisper silent phthalate free, as well as super powerful, furthermore, there is finger spaces either side just for grasping simple to reach command control keys.

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  • Bottom Room Odouriser
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    Bottom Room Odouriser

    Bottom Room Odouriser is certainly an excellent larger-than-life aroma which will bring your sexual experiences to its pinnacle as this product has a potent smell.

    These forms of products are in most cases called Poppers. Produced for exhilaration, as well as good fun for anyone who uses them. Bottom Room Odouriser comes in a massive 25ml bottle, as usually these odourisers come in 10ml bottles. This unique volume will definitely be more than adequate to survive your session.


    Advice for use: You must never take in air right from the bottle. You merely place this item by on its own, position in a far place in a room of your home, open it up and let the chemicals blend alongside the atmosphere.


  • Deep Red Powerful Room Odouriser
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    Deep Red Powerful Room Odouriser

    Deep Red Powerful Room Odouriser is an epic aroma that will peak your personal sexual performance due to its potent fragrance.

    These kinds of merchandise are usually often known as Poppers. Produced for pleasure, and enjoyment of whoever employs them. Deep Red Powerful Room Odouriser will come in a greater generous 15ml bottle. This quantity will be more than enough to last your session.


  • Buzz Room Odouriser
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    Buzz Room Odouriser

    Let Buzz Room Odouriser augment your personal sexual performance because of its formidable fragrance. Bee busy and achieve that essential intimate peak within the desired time period and improve your personal lovemaking to more pleasurable heights!

    Instructions for use: You must not breathe in straight out of the bottle. Don’t make use of this product whilst driving an automobile including functioning hazardous equipment. Little children along with mothers-to-be shouldn’t be exposed to smell. Be certain that you really get advice from a professional medical well before you start making use of this product.

  • Pure Gold Room Odouriser
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    Pure Gold Room Odouriser

    Pure Gold Room Odouriser Is The UKs Benchmark Popper

    Help to increase the love-making desire with Pure Gold Room Odouriser. This is definitely an extra potent and highly effective fragrance built to boost as well as improve the desire for sex of individuals who use them. This product is certainly created to provide you with that additional thrill!

    These products are generally otherwise known as Poppers. Built for pleasure, and satisfaction of whoever uses them. The bottle contents are 10ml.

    Directions for use: You should not inhale right out the bottle. Avoid using whilst driving a vehicle as well as operating dangerous machines. Little kids, as well as mothers-to-be, should not be exposed to the aroma. Ensure you get guidance from Healthcare professional before you begin using.

  • XXX Hard Ultra Strong Room Odouriser
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    XXX Hard Ultra Strong Room Odouriser

    XXX Hard Ultra Strong Room Odouriser Is For The Experienced User

    XXX Hard Ultra Strong Room Odouriser is an aroma built to raise as well as elevate the sexual desire of yourself and your lover. User’s feedback said the fact that the increased circulation of blood got them to an advanced level of delight. This product really should not be breathed in directly, the proper way of usage is to open the bottle and then allow the smell to flourish the surrounding area. The bottle contents are 15ml.

    Directions for use: You should not breathe in straight from the vial. Don’t use whilst driving a car or even functioning serious machines, small children or even expecting mothers really should not be exposed to the scent. You should seek advice from a medical professional prior to use.

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