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June 2017

Do Vibrators Affect Conception

Have You Ever Wondered…. Do Vibrators Affect Conception ? – Read More & Leave Comments On Our Website To Win A Sex Toy.

  Do Vibrators Affect Conception ? Many People Ask. Has anyone ever told you not to microwave your food in plastic Tupperware? Probably. And they most likely told you the reason is that it causes cancer, right? Now, I know what you might be thinking…what does this have to do with the use of vibrators and pregnancy? You’re reading this article most likely wondering: How do vibrators affect conception? Well, hear me out for a moment. The reason you’re not supposed to [...]



For all of you that took part in our Blog competition, Thank you! It was great reading all your comments over the past few months. Well done Nick, your comments were the most interesting an consistent. We have emailed you regarding your postage information, so you can receive your prize. Keep a lookout for our next competition coming soon for a chance to win another great prize! [...]

May 2017

Do Sex Pills Work? Many Have Asked Us So Here Is Your Answer. #Comment On Our Blog To Win A #SexToy!

Many People Ask, Do Sex Pills Work? What are sex pills? Do sex pills work? These are million dollar questions that will receive answers shortly. First I would like to highlight a very important fact. Sex is a primal urge in life. Some people say sex is everything. There is no greater challenge in a relationship than not being able to satisfy your partner sexually. That’s is where sex pills come in. Sex pills are simply performance enhancement pills. They [...]

What Can I do In Order To Squirt?

#Women ask – What Can I Do In Order To Squirt? – ARE YOU A #SQUIRTER ? #Comment To Win A #Prize !

Women Ask What Can I do In Order To Squirt? What can I do in order to squirt? This is one very popular question. Squirting can also be referred to as female ejaculation. It simply involves releasing a hot wet clear liquid from your vagina in the event of masturbating or having sex. When you are fingering yourself and start feeling like you need to pee, this is called an orgasm. If you push this ‘pee’ and a clear, odourless [...]

April 2017

blog post competition


Hello there customers, followers and well wishers. We have another great competition for you all. The prize is a box of Ten Original Blue Pills for men and women. They are designed for both men and women to increase and enhance libido, they are EPIC. You can read more about this item by clicking on the product picture below this post. You are probably asking what do i have to do to win this prize? To win you must: Retweet or share [...]

HAVE YOU EVER ASKED HOW CAN I BE A BETTER LOVER? – Read and leave comments to have a chance of winning a sex toy.

If you are asking yourself “How can I be a better lover?” know that you are not alone!!! And let’s be honest, you will never be. Even though there might be loads of people out there bragging about their capacity of being the greatest lovers, their partners might have different opinions.  I have definitely asked myself how can I be a better lover.. quite a few times; and the best answers (for me) came after I analysed my past relationships/relations.  [...]

February 2017

valentines day

13 Valentines Day Gifts That Cost Less Than 1 Penny!

Make Valentines day special 1. In the morning of Valentines Day, tuck a note of appreciation in the pocket or her pocketbook, handbag or any other certain-to-be-found place. Write some significant words on a piece of paper – “Can’t wait to wrap you in my arms tonight!” “What’s for ‘dessert’?” “You are making me happy every single day – and tuck it inside a conspicuous place to easily be discovered throughout the day. 2. Have a 15-minute break during work simply [...]

Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine Gift Ideas – Multiple Choices to Make!

Valentine Gift Ideas to decide on? 14th of Feb is well known because the Love day each year in commemoration of St. Valentine. St. Valentine was a Roman priest who provided clandestine weddings of people that were prohibited from marriage. Let’s have a brief look at the history, it is interesting. Legend has it the then king of Rome, Emperor Claudius II, believed that soldiers fought against their enemies better once they had little else to focus on apart from the [...]

January 2017

Tinder feature

New game changing Tinder feature could be on the way! Read and comment on our blog.

New Tinder feature could be here soon. Swiping right on Tinder could quite possibly in the near future possess a totally new meaning if new Tinder feature results in being partnered along with a adult toy manufacturer that could enable your matches to manage your personal vibrator. Sex technology organisation OhMiBod announced arrangements at Las Vegas technology expo CES 2017 to produce a software enhancement system for its most recent Bluetooth-enabled selection of adult sex toys to work alongside online dating [...]

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