Room Odourisers

Room odouriser’s have had effective use for many years. They have the ability to lower a person’s blood pressure which increases blood flow and has the effect of enhanced sexual sensation and stimulation. User’s feedback claimed that the increased blood flow took them to a higher level of enjoyment. These products should not be inhaled directly, the correct method for use is to open the bottle and let the aroma flourish the room. These products are not suitable for people with circulation problems or low blood pressure issues. Please consult doctor before using these items.

  • King Size Extra Strong Room Odouriser
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    King Size Extra Strong Room Odouriser Is The Daddy For Its Price!

    King Size Extra Strong Room Odouriser is in a league of its own for its price. This superb value 25ml room odoursier is extra strong and serves its purpose extremely well. Most room odourisers come in a 10ml bottle but this one, however, gives you more for your money.

    King Size Extra Strong Room Odouriser is suitable for the experienced men or women aroma users who want improved blood flow to their body and specifically genital areas. By achieving this, sexual activity is much more sensitive and enjoyable.

    Be sure that you undoubtedly receive recommendations right from a knowledgeable medic, prior to you beginning use of this merchandise.


    • 25ml bottle.
    • Extra strong aroma.
  • Tribal Juice Room Odouriser
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    Experience The Original Tribal Juice Room Odouriser ??

    Tribal Juice Room Odouriser is an original popper liquid produced by the company English Aroma. Each bottle contains 10ml Isopropyl Nitrite and does its job to the maximum. This aroma will certainly increase blood flow which majorly improves sensitivity, and relaxes the muscles in preparation for anal and vaginal sexual intercourse. This product is suitable for both men and women. Tribal Juice Room Odouriser comes in a childproof safety bottle so there is no need to worry about accidents.


    To know more about room odourisers, please read our blog article.


    Be certain that you really get suggestions from a qualified medical professional prior to you beginning to use this product.

    • 10ml bottle.
    • Childproof cap.
    • Contains Isopropyl Nitrite.
  • Lucky Room Odouriser
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    Up All Night To Get Lucky, With The Lucky Room Odouriser ?

    Lucky Room Odouriser has the power and affordable price to make your aroma experience a memberable one. This is one of our cheaper aromas, however, don’t be fooled by the price as it packs a mean punch. This popper is extra strong and is formulated for the more experienced aroma user in mind. Suitable for both men and women, the 10 ml Lucky Room Odouriser Isopropyl Nitrate bottle will increase the blood flow to the sexual areas, and make sexual experiences truly unforgettable.


    To learn more about room odourisers read this article from our blog.


    Ensure that you actually acquire tips from a specialist medical professional long before you begin using this solution.


    • 10ml bottle.
    • Value for money.
    • Contains Isopropyl Nitrite.
  • The Dogs Bollocks Room Odouriser
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    This Is The The Dogs Bollocks Room Odouriser!

    The Dogs Bollocks Room Odouriser is simply what it says it is. If you haven’t heard it before, The Dogs Bollocks is an English person term used to describe something that is pure quality. This 10ml Isopropyl Nitrite bottle aroma is just that. Suitable for men and women this popper will bring the desired effect because of its scent. Isopropyl Nitrite (poppers) are used to enhance the sexual experience by increasing the blood flow to the body. With this being done it heightens the senses, relaxes the muscles & makes sex more enjoyable. To learn more about room odourisers visit this excellent article. 


    Make sure that you truly obtain information from an established medical professional sometime before you start making use of this item.


    • 10ml bottle.
    • Isopropyl Nitrite.
  • Berlin XXX Room Odouriser
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    Berlin XXX Room Odouriser Is Hardcore ?

    Berlin XXX Room Odouriser is seriously for the experienced popper user. This powerful, hardcore aroma is designed for men and women who want increased blood flow. This increased blood flow aids sexual sensitivity and relaxes the muscles for sex. This Super strength bottle Contains 25ml Isopropyl Nitrite, is much bigger than the average bottle and offers exceptional value for money.


    Make certain that you actually gain guidance from an expert medical professional well before you start making use of this aroma.


    • Isopropyl Nitrite.
    • 25ml bottle.
    • Super strength.
  • Alpha Super Strong Room Odouriser
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    Alpha Super Strong Room Odouriser is a potent aroma otherwise known as a popper. This fragrance is super potent for men and women. It comes in a 25ml bottle and most aromas come in a 10ml bottle, so you definitely get more for your money. When you open your bottle you will see why this aroma is classed as super strong because of its superb power.

    Please Consult Your Doctor Before Use.


    • 25ml bottle.
    • Super strong.
    0 out of 5


    Potent Blue Potent Room Odouriser Is Like No Other

    Potent Blue Potent Room Odouriser 22ml is an aroma like no other. It is exactly is it says it is… Potent. This product comes with a power pellet to give it that extra something. The Potent Blue Potent Room Odouriser 22ml is ideal for the experienced aroma user and should not be taken for granted.

    Directions for use: Remove cap and allow to stand, the aroma will develop. Do not inhale contents directly from the bottle. Please consult your Doctor before use.


    • Improves blood flow.
    • Improves alertness & sensitivity.
    • Has a power pellet.
    • Relaxes your muscles.
    0 out of 5


    Be A Pro With The Aluminium Inhaler For Room Odourisers

    The Aluminium Inhaler For Room Odourisers will allow you to enjoy your room odourisers like experienced users should. This product is made for men and women, designed by Rimba, comes with a cord and is made of silver aluminium which gives this item the perfect finish and is the ideal vacuum to keep your aromas potent. Portable and discreet, this Aluminium Inhaler will allow you to transport your aromas easily without having to carry your bottle. Its the ideal item for those who are serious about their poppers.


    • Portable.
    • Discrete.
    • Comes with a chord.
    • Aluminium.
  • Bottom Room Odouriser
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    Bottom Room Odouriser

    Bottom Room Odouriser is certainly an excellent larger-than-life aroma which will bring your sexual experiences to its pinnacle as this product has a potent smell.

    These forms of products are in most cases called Poppers. Produced for exhilaration, as well as good fun for anyone who uses them. Bottom Room Odouriser comes in a massive 25ml bottle, as usually these odourisers come in 10ml bottles. This unique volume will definitely be more than adequate to survive your session.


    Advice for use: You must never take in air right from the bottle. You merely place this item by on its own, position in a far place in a room of your home, open it up and let the chemicals blend alongside the atmosphere.


  • Deep Red Powerful Room Odouriser
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    Deep Red Powerful Room Odouriser

    Deep Red Powerful Room Odouriser is an epic aroma that will peak your personal sexual performance due to its potent fragrance.

    These kinds of merchandise are usually often known as Poppers. Produced for pleasure, and enjoyment of whoever employs them. Deep Red Powerful Room Odouriser will come in a greater generous 15ml bottle. This quantity will be more than enough to last your session.


  • Buzz Room Odouriser
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    Buzz Room Odouriser

    Let Buzz Room Odouriser augment your personal sexual performance because of its formidable fragrance. Bee busy and achieve that essential intimate peak within the desired time period and improve your personal lovemaking to more pleasurable heights!

    Instructions for use: You must not breathe in straight out of the bottle. Don’t make use of this product whilst driving an automobile including functioning hazardous equipment. Little children along with mothers-to-be shouldn’t be exposed to smell. Be certain that you really get advice from a professional medical well before you start making use of this product.

  • Pure Gold Room Odouriser
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    Pure Gold Room Odouriser

    Pure Gold Room Odouriser Is The UKs Benchmark Popper

    Help to increase the love-making desire with Pure Gold Room Odouriser. This is definitely an extra potent and highly effective fragrance built to boost as well as improve the desire for sex of individuals who use them. This product is certainly created to provide you with that additional thrill!

    These products are generally otherwise known as Poppers. Built for pleasure, and satisfaction of whoever uses them. The bottle contents are 10ml.

    Directions for use: You should not inhale right out the bottle. Avoid using whilst driving a vehicle as well as operating dangerous machines. Little kids, as well as mothers-to-be, should not be exposed to the aroma. Ensure you get guidance from Healthcare professional before you begin using.

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